Cycling Helmet Cams

Cyclists turn left from West Boylston Street (Route 140) onto Main Street (Route 70) in Boylston, Massachusetts.

This is a narrated version. There is a version without narration on YouTube with the title "CTTC Left Turn."

Timings in this description are hot-linked to the same places in the video.

Issues which this video illustrates.

* Actuator loops for the left turn are of the obsolete kind which will only (maybe) respond to bicycles if cyclists place their wheels directly over the wires.

* Cyclists don't know how to position themselves over the wires of the detector to trigger the left-turn signal,

* 0:08 a cyclist ahead of me merges to the left-turn lane, turning the head to look and giving a hand signal. So far, so good. I do the same.

* 0:32 Traffic signal turns green for through traffic but not for left-turning cyclists.

* 0:36 Motorcyclists coming from the opposite direction demonstrate orderly behavior.

* 0:44 Sloppy, ragged group rather than a neat double line (which would also be over the loop wires). This sends a message. (Bicyclist stereotype: upper middle class, educated. Motorcyclist stereotype: tattooed, bearded and pierced outcasts in denim jackets. Look who is more orderly.)

* 0:51 Car stops and waits to make left turn from the opposite direction.

* 0:56 cross traffic gets the green light.

* 1:01 Motorist approaching from behind the bicyclists to turn left hangs far back, probably concerned about getting too close to a ragged and disorganized group. The car will not trigger the signal unless it moves up. The driver probably doesn't understand actuated signals.

* 1:16 Signal has turned green for left-turning traffic from the opposite direction. The intersection, then, has a leading left-turn phase. Both the through and left-turn signals are still red for our direction. We should have a left-turn signal concurrent with the one for the opposite direction.

* 1:24 Through traffic from the opposite direction has a green light

* 1:30 Signal turns green for through traffic in our direction but not for the left turn.

* 1:34 I awkwardly phrase my comment about the actuator in such a way as to encourage cyclists to run the red light, rather than to make it change..

* 1:38 Bicyclists give up on the traffic signal and turn left on a red light even though the car behind will trigger the signal next time around.

* 1:54 The car moves up onto the actuator loop. I am signaling to the driver to do this as I say "pull up here" even though the driver probably can't hear me.

* 1:55 Additional bicyclists arriving in the left-turn lane pass the car, violating the rule of "first come, first served." What if the driver had decided to change lanes to the right and continue straight ahead?

* 2:09 The through and left-turn signals for our directions both turn green, and a group, including me, turns left. Opposite direction through traffic has a red light.

* 2:23 One cyclist's drivetrain is out of adjustment and his pedals lurch forward -twice- (but this made it easy for me to synchronize the two cameras :-) Guy in gray unnecessarily rides close to the centerline after turning left.

* 2:32 The woman in blue weaves and wanders even just as a car is about to pass her.


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