U.S.A. Cyclcross

I wanted to make a short music video for a few weeks now that summarized the entire 2009 cycling season. What I wasn't looking forward to was going through the hundreds of galleries and literally 45,000 or so pictures I've taken this cycling season. So yesterday I'm sitting at home sick after calling off sick from work when it hits me. I don't need to go through all those photos- what I'm looking for is right there in my "Around the Race" galleries. I feel those capture the "True Essence" of the race anyway, so those photos were perfect to use. I came up with 350 of the best photos from the "Around the Race" galleries. These are not cycling photos, but "photo's of cyclists." The people in these photos are just some of the people that make the North East/Mid-Atlantic cycling scene what it is: Extraordinary! You have the world-renowned Trexlertown trakkies on one end of the spectrum all the way to the world-famous MAC/DCCoD cyclocrossers and even a few fixies and naked Philly bike messengers are thrown in for good measure. What is constant about every single one of the photos is they ALL have a smile on their faces!

I chose 350 photos, but unfortunately Animoto has a cap of 250 images. I made a gallery over at my website that holds all 350 images. I set it up to be viewed as a slide show. You can view that at my website HERE: cyclingcaptured.com/2009-Cycling-Season/2009-Retrospective/10875704_AeQHj I'm displaying the video via Vimeo because it looks the best on my blog, but to see it the way it was intended, please view it over at Animoto. CLICK HERE: animoto.com/play/g5XfxuUs0TZVG7oxpKZQSQ and be sure to view it in HQ. It looks excellent in HQ!

j vimeo.com/8590283

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