Mediterranean Treasure


“Our Island” is a collaborative initiative to create a viral mini series that will later be combined into a fully featured nature & wildlife documentary focusing around the island of Cyprus.

A unique approach by the team, rather artistic and cinematic, aims to showcase the grandeur of wildlife on the small island of Cyprus, situated at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa in the Mediterranean sea.

The goal is to create a series of short thematic clips featuring wildlife and nature scenes from the island of Cyprus. The series will be non-narrative, and will be dressed with original musical compositions, in a visual celebration of the beauty that surrounds this island, while reminding us of the fragility of where we live and the species that co-habit and the environment they live in.

The episodes will be aired, online only, one by one as they are completed, and when all thematic schemes are completed we will take all the footage we have collected and create a feature documentary that will cover all areas of the series.


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