Nikon D7000

Be sure to catch their exceptionally great live performance in a city near you. You will be happy you did.

Na’an Stop, pronounced (non-stop), is a band whose fusion of roots, rock, reggae and ska will surely get the crowd moving. Formed in 2011, Na’an Stop has quickly developed a unique sound that is hard to resist. The vibrant horn section, vocal harmonies, and captivating stage presence are just some of the traits that make this Boulder, CO based band one of a kind. In a short amount of time Na’an Stop has shared the stage with John Brown’s Body, J-Boog, Fortunate Youth, and others. Through a variety of influences, group collaboration, and visible synergy, Na’an Stop produces an upbeat and fresh sound that will leave any audience wanting more.

Songs: "Support" & "The Cheese"

All shots were filmed on a Nikon D7000.
I am thankful for having the opportunity of getting in the middle of their way and recording them all around as have grown to become quite the well-loved live performance.


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