Dance on Camera

reading tosca – an exciting new choreographic reading of the Puccini opera – is not a staging of this opera but rather a contemporary new composition in movement and sound.
In a polyphonic tableau the choreography unifies cruel poetry and discord, horrific images, sensitive portraits and increasingly ironic and critical reflections of society. Puccini’s composition is deconstructed and the smallest particles appear as though originating from a hidden space. Thus the music is also a poetic metaphor of fragility as well as a mirror of the opera’s inherent destructive power. Reality, desires and visions fall to pieces. Everything can be reversed into its opposite: violence, torture, feelings of powerlessness, uncertainty and desire are intertwined into a brutal world full of inner conflicts.
»To take one’s leave from clear understanding, cross an unseen border« and take a look at the dark side of our hearts... It is not a melodrama, but rather a search for subtleties, hidden things: trepidation, daring, passion, love, obsession, intrigue, manipulation, misuse of power and betrayal. These hidden dimensions are, however, subliminally present at every moment. It is a story that could repeat itself at any time, yesterday, today, always, tosca toujours. reading tosca: what is heard, dreamt, felt and projected. The borders in the body, space and time disappear, between them thousands of moments live, though the abyss is always vis-à-vis... Disconcertingly timeless: everything wants, everything fails.
concept/ choreography: Toula Limnaios
music: Ralf R.Ollertz / G. Puccini
dance/creation: Mercedes Appugliese, Fleur Conlon, Kayoko Minami, Elik Niv, Clebio Oliveira, Ute Pliestermann, Hironori Sugata
light design: Klaus Dust
costumes: Antonia Limnaios / Toula Limnaios
PR / Dramaturgische Mitarbeit: Silke Wiethe
cie. toula limnaios
Am Friedrichshain 33, 10407 Berlin
Eberswalder Straße 10 10437 Berlin
Fon:+49-30-440 44 292
Fax:+49-30-440 44 683
Commissioned by Kunst aus der Zeit der Bregenzer Festspiele in co-production with the Tanzfestival Bregenzer Frühling, the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt/ Main and the HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN. Supported by the NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ from funds from the Tanzplans Deutschland der Kulturstiftung des Bundes and the Cultural Administration of the City of Berlin. For the composition of the music a recording of a performance of „Tosca“ at the Bregenzer Festspiel from 2007 was used. The cie. toula limnaios receives a basic support of Berlins cultural administration.


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