Der Creations


Warning, some mild CG Nudity.

Just a quick video to demonstrate a standard for sharing 3D full-body scans online with Unity for clients. Different viewing modes, single screen or VR stereo 'Rift' mode (TAB button to switch) Plus a whole host of controls for switching sky lighting, spinning skies, spinning models, activating models hide / unhide and some sneaky animations in there a custom built skin shader is on the way to mimic SSS combined with iBL.

Stereo version -

Viewer release around 01/09/13

Big thanks to drash for all his coding'fu on the scripts and awesome control sets, some really powerful tools. Also Alexander Tomchuk for bringing some life to the scans! lastly Yura on scan cleanup.

Special thanks to Unity3D, Marmoset Co and OculusVR. HDRLabs and Blotchi for allowing IR to share future iBL archive sets in upcoming viewers. Very cool!

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