Der Creations

This is my little indie project, its a videogame for smartphone a fantastic adventure and an amazing quest to solve, full of colors, themes and quirky characters. On your SmartPhone.


Everything starts when our princial character (a boy), awakens suddenly in a hotel room, located on a mountain floating in the sky, and can only be reached by flying whale.

Our character has no memory of how they arrived at that place, and in his search he meets the owner of the hotel, which gives you a ticket to ride whale, and out of the mountain, but you must bring all their children blue berry, which found around the mountain.

In our adventure find from ghosts, small families, glamorous women, bird fishermen, chefs, moneybags, flying whales and lots of quirky characters.


Currently the game is intended only for iPhone, but did not rule out the possibility of carrying Android and Steam.

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