Arizona State University

Maureen Daly Goggin is the Chair of the Department of English at Arizona State University and a professor of Rhetoric.

In this paper, I offer a new theory of invention that recognizes the fleeting moments of any writer whose very being is both written and writes, who both ventures into the world and is constrained by it, who both investigates the self and is investigated by it, who both engages and is engaged by former discourses, and who both connects and is connected with others. This theory presumes that we are helping our students do more than just consume and demonstrate knowledge; rather that we are helping students to produce and make meaning and knowledge. It argues for an inquiry-based pedagogy that is sensitive to places in, through, of, and about writing. - Maureen Daly Goggin.

Keynote Address for the 2011 Arizona State University Composition Conference

February 19, 2011
Arizona State University, Tempe campus


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