Arizona State University

ASU Professor of English Devoney Looser reprises her keynote speech--"The New Woman's Jane Austen"--from the Pride & Prejudice Bicentennial event. Following the lecture, winners of English's Homecoming Writing Awards will be announced and will read from their work.

About the talk:
It has become a truism—if not a truth universally acknowledged—that Jane Austen (1775-1817) was a feminist. But what does that label signify in relation to Austen, whether now or in the past? In this talk, Devoney Looser will look at the previously unexamined ways that proponents of the late nineteenth-century "New Woman" movement and women's suffrage activists of the early twentieth century used Austen to support progressive political arguments. Her writings and image were popular on the amateur and professional stage, came to be proudly advertised on banners, and made appearances at literary costume parties. Join us to learn more about how Jane Austen first became a dynamic, complex, and enduring icon of the women’s movement.


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