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This year was my golden year. 28 on the 28th. One night last week I decided to go back though my Instagram account and recap the year through the pictures I (and a few others) took. You don't realize how much can happen in a year and how much you and the others around you can change.
As a filmmaker, this year was golden. I started off working freelance, moved to Maker Studios and got picked up by Break Media. I was lucky enough to be part of some amazing productions, worked with talented people and made some amazing friends. I am very proud of my work this year and am blessed that so many people have been able to view my various videos.

In my personal life this last year was Platinum. I got engaged and married my best friend. My family size grew exponentially, and I have never felt more loved. It is in these milestones where you realize the people in your life who are most important to you and to whom you actually are important too.

This year was also full of sadness and loss. The passing of my father-in-law was (is) tough. Never in my life has someone accepted me into their family so quickly. He was a tough, loyal, fun and a good spirited man who loved to explore. I can see the love he had for his family reflected in their love for one another.

I've heard from this time on that life goes by at light speed. It's nice to reflect and look back from time to time. My hope for next year is to live life in every moment, put more love in life, and create, create, create!

Music Via Creative Commons:

"Portofino" by Teengirl Fantasy (

"Window #3" by Two Bicycles (

"Stance Gives You Power" by Hogan Grip (


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