Digital Design

"Man, versus the judgement that will inevitably turn upon us all."

The second piece in my VFS series. I really enjoy the tension that exists between ultra serious, and the absurd. With Cubrick I was really just feeling my way into the world of After Effects. Now that my mind is adjusting to this new frontier I'm really starting to enjoy the minutiae of motion graphics, and specifically in this case the easing of keyframes with the graph editor.

I am particularly pleased with the short intro credit. Once the idea of a spinning orb solidified, I was determined to create a sense of perpetual, centrifugal motion. Mixed with the sound and the depth of field I felt it gave real power. So that the entry through the jaws became malign, and filled with menace. An uneasy entry into the world of my story.

p.s. Sound is important here, please don't hold back.


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