Digital Design

This project was for my Typography class at VFS.

Optima Typeface

This is a humanist san-serif type with an influence of Roman alphabet, created by Herman Zapf (he also created Palatino typeface) between 1952 and 1955 for D. Stempel AG typefoundry in Frankfurt. Sketches for Optima were first done on a 1000 Lire banknote in 1950. Not having any paper to make sketches of inscriptions in Santa Croce in Florence, Hermann Zapf used a banknote.
Its construction is based in the golden section and was originally intended to be a display face, but it also works as a text type. Even though it doesn’t have serifs, it has small curves that suggest a glyphic serif which makes it an unusual type.

It’s used in a lot of art books and magazines, as well as by Museums, this typeface can also be found in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall .


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