A-Cam dll

This is my first attempt at an offline/online workflow using Ikonoskop's A-Cam dII, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro 7.

I used Adobe After Effects CS5.5 to import and do a first light on the CinemaDNG footage with the RAW importer dialog box (coloring is not something I'm trained in).
I then batch exported to Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy).
Next I imported the ProRes files to Final Cut Pro and did a rough edit.
After finishing the edit I exported an XML file from Final Cut Pro (Apple XML Interchange File version 5).
I used Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 5.0 to import the XML file back into AE.
Finally I reconnected the original CinemaDNG files by selecting the layer to replace in the composition and option-click dragging the CinemaDNG file onto the layer.
Rendered in H.264 with "Best Settings"

I can see this as a potentially workable solution since Adobe Premiere seems to be having issues importing the CinemaDNG sequences directly for me.

j vimeo.com/32492391

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