Director Of Photography

A quick promo for 90SecondsTV and Dealmaker Media who organize the Grow Conference in Vancouver, BC. I met the founders of HootSuite, Plenty of Fish and loads of other entrepreneurs (about 900+ people per day crammed into the convention centre) I never would have otherwise. Some GoogleGlass were worn by a few people which was cool to see up close but none of them worked properly! I guess they're still in Beta working out the bugs?

Run n' Gun, one-man-band style (I literally had to wear all my gack, camera, H4n, shotgun, XLR cable etc.) with constantly changing light/colour temperatures, dark stage areas, huge windows and no time for ND, about 60GB of footage and 44 interviews to sync and sort through but was a fun couple of days. I finally got to try out my Vario-Sonnar lens with some quick smash zooms...mmmm typical Zeiss...heavy, creamy and sharp! Was such a luxury to be able to reframe quickly instead of being stuck on a prime.
- 5DmkIII
- visionCOLOR
- franken-rig
- Zeiss 35mm/f2
- Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 28-85/f3.3 (1988 but mint)


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