Modulo is the new, modular motion control system from DitoGear™. It is truly portable and lightweight.

DitoGear™ Modulo comes as separate parts, or in one of preconfigured packages, such as:
1. Modulo Dolly A (1 -- 2m, extensible track, ModuloDrive on the end block)
2. Modulo Dolly B (1 -- 5m, extensible track, ModuloDrive on the trolley)
3. Modulo Rover (does not need a track, runs on a flat surface).

Modulo is suitable for working in any operation mode -- use it as a manual, unmotorized dolly pushed by hand, control it with ease and precision with the joystick or program sophisticated live action, timelapse or stop motion shots using one of DitoGear™ motion controllers.

Learn more at: ditogear.com/products/modulo/

j vimeo.com/72830309

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