Diving Indonesia

This movie was filmed during a trip to Bali (Lembongan), Indonesia in 2012.

My girlfriend and I dived and snorkelled several times at a location called "Manta Bay" off the adjacent island of Nusa Penida. The Manta Rays congregate there to feed and mingle, however they are joined by a large collection of rubbish from the nearby island of Bali. The rubbish is so dense that it regularly enters the mantas mouths while they are trying to feed. This movie was created to not only exhibit the beauty of the Manta Rays of Nusa Penida but also to demonstrate the excessive garbage problem now hindering the coastlines surrounding Bali.

Filmed: Nicholas Hart
Edited: Nicholas Hart and Susan Tong

Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: Tokina 10-17mm
Housing: Ikelite

Song: Billy Joel - And So It Goes

Special Thanks to Scooby Doo Hotel and Lembongan Dive Center.

Blue Screen Productions 2013

j vimeo.com/66741333

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