UNLEARNING tells about our travel around the world trough plane, cool projects, barters and so on... We decide to expose our self and play. living different lifestyles and joining a never imagined adventure!

We will be host by six different families, very different among them: we are going to visit an organic farm, we'll trying a co-housing experience, we will stay one month in an ecovillages, we will be hosted by small communities and by their dreams... We will see.... We don’t know... We just know that we'll be hosted in exchange of our support to their supercool projects!

We will join each reality with a physical approach: we will be farmer, carpenter, teacher... and we will film our experience in this new kind of life!
In exchange every place will give us a secret, the gathering of those secrets will be a receipt that you can customize and reproduce. It's a kind of bartel with you.
Wops. I forgot.

Barter is the second topics of our documentary: settled aside the money, every experience that we'll tell will be based on barter: this means that we are going to use couchsourfing, online language exchange, woofing, home exchange, crowdounding any kind of modern barter to give life to our adventure.

Maybe, while you are watching our documentary, you can find ideas about the economy of your family, new ideas for traveling, learning, unlearning or simply for live in a different way, more close to the real needs.


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