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Her name is Yula. She lives in Putin’s Russia. Her home is the largest garbage dump in Europe. This is the inspiring story of her life.
Ten-year-old Yula has but one dream - to lead a normal life. For 14 years, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Hanna Polak follows Yula as she grows up in the forbidden territory of Svalka, the garbage dump located 13 miles from the Kremlin in Putin’s Russia. SOMETHING BETTER TO COME is Yula’s story - a dramatic tale of coming of age and maturing to the point of taking destiny into one’s own hands. It is a universal story of hope, courage, and life, all shot in gripping vérité style that stuns with its directness and immediacy.

SOUND DESIGNERS: Kristian Eidnes Andersen, Brian Dyrby
FILM EDITORS: Marcin Kot Bastkowski, Hanna Polak
PRODUCERS: Sigrid Dyekjar, Hanna Polak
PRODUCTION: Danish Documentary Production, Hanna Polak Films


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