Karma is action and its ineluctable consequence. As a result of those actions you will reborn consequentially. But what is Karma in real life? This documentary talks about Karma following the struggle for existence of two nepali journalists, Min and Arpan, that are facing the revolution in Nepal during the five years, from 2005 till 2010, that have changed the country.

2011 | Documentary | 77 min. | HDV

Written and directed by: Leonardo Rinaldo Ferri

Produced by: Ahmad Rafat & Leonardo Rinaldo Ferri

Co‐Production: ALLnewsvideo S.A.S.

Original Language: English – Nepalese

Subtitles: English

Shot in Nepal from September 2005 to October 2010

Editor: Armaghan Yarian & Leonardo Rinaldo Ferri

Sound editor: Lorenzo Salimbeni

Color correction: Liana Garofalo

Original Music:

Durbesh Chandra Regmi (Sitar) Atul Gautam (Tabla) Shyam Nepali (Sarangi)


Min Ratna Bajracharia
Arpan Shrestha
Guna Raj Luitel
Subel Bhandari
Shyam Shrestha
Leknath Neupane


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