TALK TO THE HAND is a Semifinalist in the $200,000 GE FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition. It has also been recognized as an Audience Favorite. View more Semifinalist films at

There are three main drawbacks of the traditional prosthetic: low functionality, low controllability and low cosmesis. When Marco Controzzi and Christian Cipriani developed ‘Azzurra’, a fully functional bionic hand which can be controlled by the human mind, they achieved more than a revolution in prosthetics. Thanks to a bionic interface, not only can an amputee ‘talk’ to a bionic hand, which responds as if it were their own, but the hand ‘talks’ back, offering both tactile sensation and a dialogue with human evolution.

Director: Antonio Bencini Farina
DOP: Francesco Scazzosi
Field Sound Recordist: Nicola Vitali
Voice over and script consultancy: David Brooks Miller
Sound Mix: Richard Lewis
Color: Vic Parker

Thanks to:
Kemal Akhtar
Lisa Castagna
Francesco Ceccarelli
Christian Cipriani
Marco Controzzi
Sahil Gill
Dr. Kumar
Pier Paolo Petruzziello
UQ Produzioni
Stefano Tognoli


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