SHORT STEPS is an hour long documentary about a young English woman who comes to the Philippines to work with children from the slums, and creates a children’s choir. During their two and half years together, she takes the children on the journey of a lifetime. Through music, these fourteen children share their life stories, but these stories are not just about themselves. They represent millions of people across the Philippines who live in very difficult conditions. These kids, that now have a voice, share hope for the better future with thousands of others.


In 2009, Louise and Michał were planning to shoot a documentary about the Philippines and its people. At the time they were living in Sydney, Australia but they were looking for new challenges. On the way to this tropical country, they stopped in Hong Kong and met with the chairman of International Care Ministries, a charity that works with the poorest of the poor in the Philippines, and they adjusted their plans, as they had been asked if they would like to create a children’s choir. During the five months that they spent in Bacolod City they worked on their own projects, shooting short films and documentaries, as well as working with fourteen children from the slums and rural villages. They didn’t know what the outcome would be, but as Michał’s new camera was constantly rolling, they collected tons of footage from their trip. One day he started to put the footage together, and realised that they had experienced and captured something that they couldn’t have planned better. Now, after two and a half years, the film is finished, and ready to be shared, even though the story continues. And who knows, maybe there is room for “take II” in the future :)


Written and Directed by Michał S. Joachimowski
Narrated by Louise Joachimowski
Produced by La Rouge Productions
Executive Producers Louise and Michał S. Joachimowski
Camera Operators Michał S. Joachimowski and Tomasz Mateusiak
Photography Tomasz Mateusiak
Sound, editing and colouring Michał S. Joachimowski
Original Music Louise Joachimowski
Additional Music Charmaine Ford

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