After creating a video earlier this year about Salt Lake City's I-Street jumps (, Grit Visual producers Tim Jones and Jon Cracroft were eager to learn more about the area's other main riding spot, Tanner Park. For years, Tanner Park has been a staple to Salt Lake City's BMX scene. After some digging around, we were told to go down to The Wood Shop, a local BMX shop, and talk to the owner, Cam Wood. After meeting and talking with him and Greg Ingersoll, we discovered that they and a few other childhood friends were the main builders that put a relentless amount of work over the past 15 years, into creating the Tanner Park that exists today.

The goal of this story is to share the story of how Tanner became what it is now. We hope to provide some insight into how Tanner Park became the lush oasis of dirt jumps in the middle of Salt Lake City.

Music (Order of Appearance)
"Miami Skyline" by Tony Anderson
Licensed from The Music Bed

"Hidden Blues" by Pitx
Licensed from CCMixter

"Indian Summer (Feat. G. Jones)" by Minnesota
Licensed from Vital Management

Special Thanks:
The Woodshop BMX (instagram: @thewoodshopbmx)
Outlaw Union BMXS (instagram: @outlawunionbmxs website:
Jeremy Jones
Seth Huot
Adam Vankeuren
Kipp Schorr


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