At 179c I talk about getting poisoned against gays and finding an antidote for it by what I wrote here and show @ 13 min.

Bible notes pg 278.
God gave me an education of what it was like to be gay with AIDS because of a “new Christian blunder” in 1985 that has caused me to be avoided like the plague for over 28 years now, (explained in #17 at 3:31 hrs @ and continued on L94 @ 40 min It’s like the rejection that gay men with AIDS suffered and the song of the year for 1985 was God coming to their rescue with THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR, (it’s also how faithful God has been to me). I show another divine sign defending gays as “the spirit of the law” in THIS CLASS 123 at 13 to 15 minutes verses the letter of the law in Romans 1:27 about gays with AIDS, (a hint is #933= James 2:13 to those who show no mercy, no mercy will be shown..). I just explained Romans 1:26 on page 243 above about how girl/girl sex is legal verses a translation that says that it’s not legal. That’s almost as bad as this line against making airplanes: if God had intended man to fly he would’ve given him wings. God proving them wrong about flying is just like when you see how prevalent girl/girl sex is in porn and especially my favorite kind which is two girls for every guy. I don’t want the church to be the last to find out how legal girl/girl sex can be, (it’s a gift from God to help girls get along with each other better). It’s not so legal for guys to have sex with guys but it’s also a by product of the checkmate I won against women for being “queen of the grind” or the hardest screw, (in ^17^). A lot of gay guys would be straight and not gay if it was easier to get sex from girls. For example that's why being gay is more prevalent in prison and why it's covered by God’s mercy. Also see Groupers reproduction &/or read

CLASS 123 was made in 2009 on a VCR & in iMovie on 8-12-10.
The first 35 minutes was mainly to the church, it's my long version of "THE RAPTURE has already happened", (the shortest & best version is at 2:14 hrs in L123 @
From class #79 @ 1:14 is a divine sign that gay men are THE RELUCTANT DRAGON that should be welcomed into society by the church. There are scenes from the movie Toy Story 2 from classes 120 & 60 where I got my first revelation that the end of the world would not be as implied in the Bible.
Barbie in the Nutcracker got me to do another patriotic detour, see her as Jesus at 186b @ I got better at retelling these patriotic stories and tying them to a prediction of the end of the world in Rev 13:17 & 16:17 @ 3 min in L112 @ I cover the mass media and their evil tendency to get us to worship their idols and I propose a solution for that. I show how God got me and Walt Disney to work for Her by promising us sex through Janet Jackson's song YOU WANT THIS?.
I show a parallel of me to the church that was just like Blaine (& Brady) who taught me how to use my Mac in a scene from the movie The Green Berets.
I expose how unpatriotic the pornos have been.
I mention Martin Luther King, Patton, MacArthur and Reagan because they're in class 122.

From class 122:
I show what Patton, MacArthur and Martin Luther King had in common when all three of them slipped on how God was going to deal with communism, (yet no one could could do their jobs better than they did=rq942am 8-7-14). That led me to do class #124 about THE COLD WAR of COMMUNISM vs the USA from Yalta in 1945 to 1988 with Pope John Paul, Gorbachev & Reagan. One thing I learned in church and twice from (sad) experience is that right after your greatest victory is when you are most likely to fall, which might explain what happened at Yalta when it seemed like half of our greatest victory in WWII was stolen from US. You need to be aware of the tricks of evil because this was very mean and expensive especially to the countries that were trapped behind the Iron Curtain.
At 127h I show signs that I had "absolute discernment" in explaining this, (^wow I hope so^), probably because this "know it all" was humble enough to say "I don't know what I'm talking about" that God blessed me with enough wisdom to explain it well.

Bible notes pg 115
(NIV) Luke 6:36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.
Luke 6:36 is like the mercy God showed pres. Obama verses what I said about him in THIS CLASS 123 @ 1:18 in 1-2009. Like in 179a @ 1 to 30 min is "God's bark, (how strict the Bible appears), is worse than her bite" and that was proved to me by the mercy God had for Obama. That helped me change my tune and try to sell Obamacare to Republicans in
classes 167, L97 & L99
Mercy for sex is at


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