I bought a bunch of books they were selling to raise money for some good cause.
No one wanted these history books with cool pictures in them. So, I got a whole set of American history from the begining to 1960's.

An idea occured to me as why not put together a movie with these pictures and my favorite music group; Pitch Black.

So, after many nights of shooting stills and short movies from the pages, I ended up with thousands of images and more to go. After a hard drive disaster, I had to re-shoot 600 images that were missing.

Then came the hard part.
Mark all the spots I wanted to insert an image, how would it make sense with the music and history and so on.
That took all day and another day to insert the images the way I like it. Then Edius decided to crash under all these single images. It's a good thing there were many backups and restored the last one.

Finally I had it done, but decided to keep it 640X480 size and not make it 1200X720, it should still be an HD view when transcoded by Vimeo.

Well, enjoy it.
If you have a 5.1 sound system hooked up to your computer... use it. The soundtrack is 5.1

Music performed by: Pitch Black of New Zeland
The books were printed by Time magazine and all images belongs to them.
Most of them are not copyrighted, but still it's better to give them credit.

I just noticed on Vimeo... the sound is a fraction of a second off dude to transcoding by them. Still not too bad.

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