Northern Uganda is home to one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. For the past 20 years, the region has been ravaged by a violent civil war in which over 30,000 children were abducted to be used as child soldiers and nearly 2 million people have been forced from their homes into Internally Displaced
Persons camps. The results of this war have been devastating. The Acholi tribe makes up nearly the entire population of Northern Uganda. After two decades of displacement and violence, their traditional agrarian culture has been all but decimated. At one point, nearly 90 percent of the population was living in displacement camps where they were entirely dependant on the U.N. World Food Programme to sustain them.

Despite these facts, none of these statistics really seem to be news to anybody. People in the west are bombarded by tragic numbers from Africa constantly. This is nothing new. Northern Uganda has received a large amount of international attention through several Documentaries and social justice movements. These programs have chosen to highlight past atrocities in the region in an effort to raise awareness for the problems the population is facing. While there is truth in the past, there is hope in the future.

Framed through the viewfinder of an anonymous medium format camera, and the resulting still photographs, “Acholi Crossroads” is slated to be a 75-minute documentary about loss and redemption in Northern Uganda. During the film, we learn about the state of flux in the region through the journeys of two key characters.

Music by GIANTS

Sony HDR-FX1
Hasselblad 500c
Nikon D300 (coming soon)

*I had to cut the bit rate in half to fit the upload limit. So apologies for some lack of color and depth.


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