From Film "The Myth and the Reason"

Gran Paradiso National Park, Italian Alps, Spring 2011. Chance encounter, fox has already given birth, and it is constantly looking for food. No food? no milk. Fox cubs are always waitng for mom and stll in danger, every day.

Fox is the only canine having feline psyche.

In many areas of the country local administrations promulgate law measures and foxes are hunted under the mask of containing their number. What about all battles of mid '70 for wildlife protection?
Since antiquity the cohabitation with humans, have been impossible, but we are sure that, at the end of the history, the fox will be certainly winner!

For more news see our trailer :

Panasonic HVX201-1080 25p
Panasonic GH2+Lumix lens only for fox pictures

I wrote the movie title "the Mythe and the Reason" mythe with "e", I'm really sorry for the mistake, french influence!


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