Kevin is a complicated person. He works mostly overnights and he paints during twilight(s). If you have ever been to Staler Center there is sort of a Kubrikesque feeling to it --these long hallways and elevators. On that particular day it was amplified since the entire building seemed empty. When Kevin went into the bathroom to take a piss the wireless mic started to pick up a radio transmission. I felt like getting out of there but somehow that feeling also makes you want to stay (from a film making perspective). We floated about for a bit until consensus reality faded away and we were no longer sure if it was a film a dream or a poem. Then we went to Port Jefferson and got drunk. We drank to wash away the haunting, but it wouldnt subside. I caught Kevin mesmerized by Perenuzzis new work- some kind of African doll. How long was the spell going to last?

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