Documentary film

While walking around Siem Reap last year i noticed some large typography painted on a wall near the city centre "GREEN IS REVOLUTION" it was an advertisement for a bag production workshop and i decided to pay them a visit.

I sat down with Diana who founded Bloom in 2006. We spoke about 'progress' in Cambodia and what this means in a developing country which receives a lot of foreign aid.

Diana talks about the importance of how we spend our money and the people behind the product, explaining the reason behind the people she choses to employ, and the struggles they face in the free market.

In the context of the recent garment workers protests in Cambodia, i think its obvious that people need to think more about what they are consuming and where the product is coming from, how are the workers being treated and do you want to support such a business?

Music: Mark Thompson + Ben Garmen (Jangle)


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