Documentary film

DV oversized in HD 1280x720

IL CORSO is a major open air theatre spectacle. 25 actors, acrobats and musicians release a fireworks display of great images charged with emotion, and connect these images with actions right in the middle of the audience. The entire venue is transformed into a stage, with the individual spectators continually changing their positions as they are caught up in the movement, and thus become part of the performance, which ends in a fulminating finale.

The plot tells of a person on a quest for satisfaction and happiness. The literary basis is a book by Nobel prize winner Pablo Neruda, which he completed shortly before his death. The 74 short poems structured as two-line verse contained in the book raise 316 puzzling questions. Many of Neruda’s questions are just as difficult to answer as the questions children sometimes pose: "Where do shadows disappear to? / And why are leaves green?" These questions often expose the fact that adults cannot explain everything they claim to know. Neruda says: "What we know is so small, and what we assume so great."


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