Documentary film

Client: the Quin Hotel
Director/Editor: Brandon Cotter
Producer: Shiseido Ruiz
Director of Photography: Noel Cordero

Production created for the Quin hotel “Artist In Residence” promo launch. British street artist Nick Walker (born 1969) is the Quin’s first artist in residence and has created 15 original pieces for display. His unique style combines spray paint with intricate stenciling, creating an effect that is both eye-catching and sophisticated. Mingling photographic imagery with the flippant attitude of graffiti, Walker’s work comes off as both culturally studious and satirical. - See more at:

Sound Mixer: Hector Arrivillaga
Production Assistant: Michael Villegas
Jon Herrera: VFX Titles

Quin's Art Curator: D.K. Johnston

Production Gear Used:
Camera: Red Epic, Canon 5dmkIII, & Canon 7D
Lenses: Contax Zeiss Duclos 17-35mm, Zeiss Cp.2 35mm, Zeiss 100mm f/2.0
Lights: Bi-Color Litepanel, 2 Lowell Omni's, and Litepanel Croma
Sound: Roland R44 and Sanken COS-11D Lav

Timelapse Gear
Dynamic Perception Dolly
Manfrotto 536 with 504HD Fluid Head

©2014 The Timelapse Group All Rights Reserved. No images, video or parts of this production may be used without authorization. This production is for portfolio use only.

For commercial inquiries please contact Noel Cordero


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