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I will be presenting on the medical, material and software meanderings in the making of "Traces," a renewable sculpture of my disembodied kidney, cast in frozen spit. Every two hours a new frozen organ is refreshed, cupped in my hands cast in aluminum, only to melt and drip away. The last ends of the kidney slip onto the floor, and a wet mess remains. I materialized the kidney by laboriously tracing the topography of my internal organ from a 3D MRI, consisting of hundreds of sequential medical images. I conceived of Traces as a poetic deterritorialization of medical biotechnologies, organs without bodies and fleshy displacements. It calls attention to the alienability of body parts and the vast global industry that sustains the promise of an infinitely repairable body.

filmed and edited by Content Content (greg dorsainville & joe frey)

Filmed @ October 06, 2010

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