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Fashionbuddha Studio is located in Old Town, Portland Oregon - a "diamond in the rough" it's the last undeveloped downtown neighborhood. Mercy Corp and The University of Oregon recently occupied several restored blocks of Old Town, but for the most part its still an eclectic mix of chinese restaurants, bars and nightclubs, low-rent artist studios, and the stage for almost all of Portland's homeless shelters and rescue missions.

Phlush is a local organization dedicated to cleaning up Old Town and improving health and safety by installing public restrooms. There has been some success but there is more work to do. As an Old Town business we were going to donate dollars but then thought we could use our storytelling and animation talents and do something even better - create an animation to help raise awareness of sanitary rights for Old Town Portland and around the world.

Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human, or PHLUSH, works for better designed and more effectively managed public restrooms. We believe that toilet availability is a human right. Clean safe public restrooms help us remain healthy, walk rather than drive, and spend time away from home with family and friends. They serve people who are restroom challenged because of medical conditions or due to normal circumstances such as pregnancy, childhood or aging.

2010 Webvisionary Award for Video/Motion

2011 Northwest Animation Festival

Story, design, animation // Fashionbuddha Studio
Original music // Peter Bowhan


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