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a 7 films collection about ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES
the legendary english music festival (2000-2013)


the films were shot and directed by Vincent Moon
edited by Julien Villacampa, Nathanael Le Scouarnec, Daniel Greenway, Kelly Armstrong
sound recorded & mixed by Gaspar Claus (plus Agathe Finney on the last one)
produced by Luke Morris, Barry Hogan & Deborah Kee Higgins
and associate producers Justin Kramer, Mike Seckleman, Ben Pitman, Joseph Fulton, James Alderman, Jess Lofland, Bryce Dessner, Kimon Kodossis, Caroline Smith
plus many many backers through kickstarter


FROM ATP is a series of films by Vincent Moon, shot over 7 different ATP festivals. All between 25 and 35min long, they try to encapsulate the gonzo energy of the festival, mixing cult live shows with late night home parties, drunk dancing with hyperactive filming, following each time the voice of a narrator to whom it was asked - where is music coming from? From Lydia Lunch to Damo Suzuki, from Dave Dirty Projectors to Josh T. Pearson, a sonic gallery of our forgivable excesses.


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all the films are under a Creative Commons licence by-nc-sa
enjoy and share it around as you like



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