Dresden, Germany

This is Brampuino 1-X Test #3 after test #2.1: vimeo.com/46414677

I started before sunset, but I've used a bad setup and the shots became overexposed. So, I've selected some new parameters and let Brampuino 1-X do the job, while I was listening to some music :-) I like the stars and even the milky way (a little bit) coming into frame.

There is some flicker at the beginning. Brampuino 1-X has some problems with shot bulb-times. The reason is currently unknown.

300 shots. Workflow: RAW-conversion, noise reduction, white balance (from 5500K to 2500K in 20K steps), contrast, definition, saturation, edge sharpening, TIFF (16-bit) export, MP4 in Quicktime 7. No additional adjustments or corrections!

Code is available on github.com/borisboesler/Brampuino-1-X

j vimeo.com/47599954

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