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Ever since I attended the Blackmagic Cinema Camera road show in London 2 years back I dreamt of owning my very own one. After waiting a year for the 2.5K version and cancelling the order for a new 4K at the last minute last year, I was surprised to get a call from the official retailer Jigsaw that it had finally arrived. Did I need a new camera, could I afford the luxury, did I really have the time to learn Da Vinci Resolve that comes with it and all the hardware to cope with TBs of data? The answer quite simple was 'no'. But I did go ahead, there is something about it, maybe the videos I've scene, it's beautiful but unergonomic shape, the reduced price, ability for raw and thirst for gigabytes, highly capable grading software and ultimately a unique and serious piece of kit. How does it compare to the 1DC? Like driving a different car but an equally exhilarating ride.

As soon as you pick up the BMCC and attach a lens to it you realise that it is pretty heavy and after you attach the sun hood you try to figure out how to hold it. It's a solid metal sculptured work of art and the square red record button on the front brilliant. They call it a production camera, designed for the studio but that is not me, neither attaching it to a rig or buying an extra battery. So I took it for a little test drive to Wembley, handheld with a 24-70mm Canon EF lens and it sure did attract alot of curious attention. My kids took it turns to see if they could lift it and I'm sure were impressed by my newly developed technique of holding such a beast, 'one day' I told them. The sun was shining brightly and so the zebra and focus peaking came in very useful. I was surprised that the battery lasted so long and upon returning home had to figure out on the best way to edit and grade it. Da Vinci Resolve seems great and intuitive and after a little while I produced this. Please forgive me for all my sins with regards to any shortcomings of this short film as there is alot to learn and for me it's all new. I think it's strengths are portraits and people and quite enjoy the freedom of using it naked, you do however need some additional equipment for capturing decent sound. I am happy with the images and have fallen in love with the camera and all the things that come with it, can't wait for the Raw update. Happy Holi to everyone, music from the film Queen, 'Jugni' :)


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