In this screencast, we rejoin Kevin at the start of "beard season" introducing the CiviCRM Stater Kit (drupal.org/project/civicrm_starterkit). This is a single download of Drupal 7.17 and CiviCRM 4.2.6 with a few patches applied to CiviCRM that won't be officially included until 4.3 to support running CiviCRM from a directory other than sites/all/modules or sites/all/modules/contrib. At the end of the screencast, Kevin configures CiviCRM Cron, a module that uses Drupal's cron to call CiviCRM's cron. CiviCRM Cron is one of several popular contrib modules often used with CiviCRM included in the download. Other modules include WYSIWYG (w/ TinyMCE and FCKEdit libraries), Views, Features, Font-Your-Face, Captcha, and CiviCRM Webform.

3 years ago, 2 Knight NewsChallenge grant winners invested a small amount of their grants ($2500 each) along w/ $5000 from the Drupal Association in Install Profiles Packing on Drupal.org. In March 2012, Phase 2, Acquia, Node One, Pantheon, and Lullabot supported adding a packaging whitelist of external code on Drupal.org. Shortly after that announcement, @lobo added a minimized version of CiviCRM that was less than the whitelist's 10MB limit.

Today, you can download and configure Drupal 7.17, CiviCRM 4.2.6, and dozens of popular contrib modules < 10 minutes.

j vimeo.com/53877092

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