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Brought to you by redheadwindscreens.com

This is by far the windiest demo video I've done with the Zoom H4n and RedHead windscreen ! My week old pretty snugly fitting Quicksilver hat now lives in the Pacific ocean. This video actually impressed me as I didn't know how it was going to turn out, ( headphones were left at home ).

You will notice a couple of sharp gusts getting through to the Zoom's sensitive mics. ( it was DAMN windy ) The only sound editing done was the fading in of the real audio track by the artist "Koop - come to me"..

I played with the color of the image a bit, just a little channel mixing to taste.

I think this is the first video that I actually used a Canon lens.
I lit it with a giant 85watt florescent light bulb by EiKO, I love this thing, draws 85watts and puts out 350ish equiv to regular incandescent bulbs.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the vid !

Camera : Canon 5D Mark II
Lens : Canon 85mm the non "L" version
Audio : Zoom H4n
Windscreen : RedHead

Song - Koop "Come to Me"
Light : EiKO 85watt monster bulb
Portable Power : Inovatronix Explorer ( for studio strobes ), not sufficient for constant lighting, it only lasted for about 20min before being totally dead. Furthermore, I wouldn't really recommend this product to still photographers for powering studio strobes. Mine have been so unreliable and for the most part a headache. Instead go with a Vagabon by Paul C. Buff. Different topic altogether...

j vimeo.com/5941590

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