DSLR Accessories and Features (5D Mark II, 7D, T2i, 60D, etc.)

Brandon David Cole began his filmmaking career shooting BMX videos at the age of 14 with his Dad's 2-piece VHS camera. He now makes gear for independent filmmakers inspired by BMX bikes under the brand Midas Mount.

Discover why filmmakers world-wide are adopting the most intuitive grip-level follow focus technology for digital cinematography. And check out the HitchHiker Shoulder Rig - great for BMX/Skate filmers - at MidasMount.com

Type in offer code VIMEOBMX to get the HitchHiker/SnapFocus Bundle for only $1,299 (save $200 or more off of retail prices) and get a FREE 4-foot SkaterailSlider for your DSLR, RED, Blackmagic or other digital cinema camera. Preorder today.. midasmount.com/store

j vimeo.com/64710109

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