DSLR Cinematography (OFFICIAL)

"There are worse than spirits, here."

On the edges of the Old West, a mercenary tracks a wanted man across the former frontiers of America. Edmund Cash believes in a small world, and the heroes of the age have passed into legend... and into the dirt. Followed by a persistent tracker of the land, Cash doggedly carries out his mission and experiences an encounter that tests his faded beliefs -- although perhaps too late.

"Spirit of the Frontier" is an epic short film from Wingless Films, and was shot on location in Dartmoor. It stars Tom Menary as the mercenary Edmund Cash; Annie Knight as the tracker with a dangerous curiosity in Cash's journey; and Allister Gall as a mysterious figure encountered deep in the Sacremento forests. Featuring an original score by Tom Menary.

The film was released on 30th May, 2011. Mike Kinsey provided on-location photography.

Wingless Films on facebook: facebook.com/pages/Wingless-Films/171527732886822
Gallery of screenshots: facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.207628309276764.53298.171527732886822
Behind-the-scenes photos: facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.202901906416071.47182.171527732886822
The original soundtrack album: last.fm/music/Tom+Menary/Spirit+of+the+Frontier
Allister Gall operates Imperfect Cinema: imperfectcinema.com
Visit Mike Kinsey: snapstar.co.uk

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