'Blue' created for Philip Bloom's 90 second film, weekend challenge. The task was to pick an object, film & edit a 90 second short over the weekend.

I decided to go really abstract with my fav IKEA blue LED light sculpture lamp thingy (it's basically IKEA tack but it's my fav colour & beautiful!).

This is all raw footage, no grading what so ever, just simply cut together to music. Wish I'd had my tripod but took it into work a couple of days ago to shoot a timelapse and some BA$TARD stole it. :(

Notes: I waited until dark and made sure I placed it on a reflective surface deciding on the window sill so I could get some nice bokeh of the lights of the city behind and maximise the quality of light.

Camera: Canon T2i/550D
Lens: 50mm 1.8
Music: Helios - Bless this Morning Year

j vimeo.com/13442588

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