DSLR Inspire

A short, low-budget feature film by Roman Němec and Karel Pobříslo
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After years of filming travel and nature documentaries with a classic video camera, I gave in to the temptation of DSLR technology and last summer acquired a Canon 5D Mark II. I was quickly impressed by the large progressive recording chip and enchanted by the magic of time lapse in 4K resolution. Before long I wanted to try my hand at shooting classic video with this camera. And so, with no idea of what I was getting myself into, I convinced my colleague and friend, photographer and visual artist Karel Pobříslo, to collaborate with me on a short feature film based on one of my stories.

The easier it looked at the start, the more complicated it later became. The casting process at least was relatively smooth. The roles were filled by our friends and their friends, all non-actors or amateur theatre actors. It was much more difficult to find suitable locations and even harder to convince their owners to let us shoot there. It was also fiendishly difficult to obtain angel costumes and other props. As everyone was working on the film in their free time, coordination was another major challenge, and indeed the whole pre-production phase was beset with difficulties. The shooting itself was very complicated, mainly due to adverse weather and other events out of our control, which forced us to make several compromises and diverge from our original vision. We finally finished the film almost two months later than planned. When I reread the synopsis of the film in the introduction to the screenplay, it's clear to me that our guardian angel wanted us to get a taste of our own medicine:

"Sometimes we forget that our troubles are not necessarily the most dramatic, our desires are not necessarily the most important and our failures not necessarily the most tragic. It's good to have an angel to occasionally remind us of this."

-Roman Němec

Screenwriter, editor and director: Roman Němec
Cinematography: Karel Pobříslo
Music composer: Dan Phillipson

Starring: Petr Píďan Stehlík, Jakub Vaňas and others

Language: Czech, English subtitles
About a film (Czech language): romannemec.cz/videografie-28
Facebook page: facebook.com/achtymujstraznyandeli

j vimeo.com/59852960

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