Dover Forget Me Not War Graves, Australians in World War One: Ypres Salient; Genesis of a War Monument: Brothers in Arms.

This is the true story of John Hunter, an Australian soldier of the Great War who fell on the battlefield near Ypres. When his brother heard that he had fallen, he marched back for over 2 km through the killing fields with risk of his own life. He found his dying brother. He comforted him and then John Hunter died in his brothers arms. His brother buried him on site, facing towards Australia.
John Hunter's remains, together with those of 4 others, were discovered during road works by Johan Vandewalle (among others) in 2006. John Hunter is one of the 'Zonnebeke Five' and they are the most recent soldiers to be burried on the Buttes British Military Cemetery in Zonnebeke, near Ypres, Belgium.

Read more about how Johan discovered the remains of John Hunter here:

I’m an independent, non-commercial amateur filmmaker. I have been working on a ‘passion project’ for about one year called ‘On Holy Ground’, which is about the World War One cemeteries and memorials in the Ypres region in Flanders, Belgium. This is where I live. I have a channel on vimeo and I have made about 25 short films already.
More details on the Australian Hunt brothers’ story: polygonwood.com

Filmed on a 550D/T2i (lenses: Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 and Samyang 14mm f2.8).
As you will see, not all is perfect... the two gentlemen talking into the microphone had had no preparation time at all, as these were impromtu talks, and Alan, a great person, was using the microphone rather as a pointing stick or baton, instead of holding it towards his mouth... Oh well, it is authentic, and this is what matters!
Here is my channel: vimeo.com/channels/onholyground

j vimeo.com/64465033

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