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There is nothing like setting out and going for a run-
going from frozen to full speed like a bullet from a gun.

There is nothing like the feeling of rushing wind against your face-
for a moment floating free from gravity as if you're in outer space.

There is nothing like the sensation of your heart in your chest-
thundering like an express train, or a lightning storm coalesced.

There is nothing like letting go of everything and everyone-
as if, for a moment and all at once, you are the earth, the sky, and the sun.

There is nothing like the heat and the energy of a sunny day-
when your path, your footing, and your self assurance refuse to stray.

There is nothing like the temporary release of your body from your mind-
a state of being something greater than you are, and of energy refined.

There is nothing like propelling yourself farther, and pushing yourself beyond-
as if you can almost touch every possibility, and experience every bond.

Music: "Runner" (Prelude No.1) [Excerpt] by Dustin O'Halloran

j vimeo.com/12155428

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