Dutch Artists

Humans don't just look at now, but at the past and the future too.
But why can we only look and not do anything while time ticks on?
We don't have to be slaves of time!

This experimental documentary is searching for a time machine and the possible conflicts that occur while the concept of time traveling is getting reality.

Filmed for the Dutch filmacademie NFTA in the year 2006.

Actor # Jules Croiset
Scientist # Prof.dr Carlo Beenakker | Prof.dr Robert H. Dijkgraaf | Dr. Taede Anne Smedes | Prof.dr Wubbo Ockels | Dr. Henk Oosterling

Director # Mirko Dreiling
Producer # Noor Hinskens
Camera # André Jäger
Sound # Thijs van der Veen
Edit # Patrick Simonis

j vimeo.com/64376751

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