Planet Earth in HD

The connection between Tango - Football - and the Uruguayan National Team. Twice World Cup Winner, and 15 times Americas Cup Winner.
More info in my blog :: - - - -This piece is dedicated to my Vimeo-friends:
Ben :: - For his generosity and love of the sport of football (soccer in U.S.)
Michael M :: - For his tenacity in learning the art of video making, and his extreme patience with editing (you will see why my empathy for him below).
I started to make this video in November of 2011, and finished it January of 2013. I purposely left the date as 2011 in the final credits, to remind me of the 9 lives of this production. It went through 10 or 11 versions in its chaotic initial life, causing me labor pains. This has been one of my most difficult projects to date. It involved film clips from 1930, 1950, 2010 and other sundry dates. All these formats and scales were totally different and a real challenge to make them into a cohesive work. What you see is mostly untouched and in its original color/grain.
Music: Astor Piazzolla - Michelangelo 70
Enjoy the show,


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