Planet Earth in HD

A video for the song "Grid Holy 4" from the CD Salvaging The Past, by Dean De Benedictis. A tribute to the 2005 album.

"I always thought of this piece as being technological, yet fluid and majestic, so it was tricky figuring out how to match it with my existing footage. I ended up montaging clips I'd been reserving for many other music videos and shorts, and even stuck a few extra screen savers in there to match the 'retro electro' part. Most of this footage was taken during my Travels Rendered adventures (which you can find videos of in the video section), but as I said, there are a few extra things including pre-made designs from programs like Electric Sheep and Whitecap. Cheap or not, everything had it's place, and was pretty thought out if nothing else.

Of course, I can't exactly deny a couple of crudeness factors; I even made the thing in my old version of iMovie. Long story." -Dean De Benedictis

This video also includes some footage from Dean's project Travels Rendered, found here:

And here is the website for the full CD, Salvaging The Past:


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