How many things happened in the last 9 months? In this video I tried to collect the few peacfull moments I had in the last year, I have been travelling around Europe quite a lot and I found setting in a beanch or in chair the only way to relax and think.

I had the honor and pleasure to be in the team testing the first 2 Galileo satellites that have been launched last year, the opening shot is indeed the 20 meter dish antenna

we used to track them, unique and amazing experience!!!

The majority of the shots have been taken in the Netherlands, mainly in Leiden (where I live), likely I also managed to travel for pleasure and I was able to capture a couple of clean days in the Alps (the 3 Cime di Lavaredo, included in UNESCO World Heritage List), unfortunately it was quite warm and umid even during night, including heat-thunders, clearly visibile in one of the astro-sequences.

Several funny things happend though, one day I was shooting on a bridge, reading a book waiting for my sequence to capture the sunset, while 3 police officers came to me (running...). They were 3 and each of them 3 times me and they did not look so nice, at least at the beginning. It turned out that somebody called the police sayind that there was a mistery man with a mask (?!??!) on the bridge using strange equipment. Likely the officers quickly understood that I was just a guy with a camera...but I assure you that

I will not take other shots from that bridge!!!!

A lot of things happened this year...and more to come!!!

Enjoy the video and let me know if you like it.

A big thanks to:
- my friend at, a great community for timelapse addicted.
- Rifugio Auronzo for the great ospitality and for understanding us when we were sleeping in the morning and staying all the night outside in the darkness, not really the best hiking guests (

Everything shot with my old, but realiable, Canon 50D
Canon 15-85
Tokina 11-16
Magic Lantern (not in all the sequences though)

Everything processed in 4K, video available in 4K, 2K and Full HD.


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