We all know the underwater wonders that Grand Cayman has to offer! An awesome and friendly Hawksbill Turtle Population, soaring Spotted Eagle Rays, shear drop-offs, and endless clear water. Having all this at your fingertips makes it easy to overlook the macro life this island boasts.

This footage was all taken on a shore dive at Turtle Reef. Some people refer to this location as the Turtle Farm or Macabuca. Often you see the rolling of eyes when "shore-dive" is mentioned, but this reef has the perfect location to produce flourishing coral, fish, and creature life. Being positioned on the North West side of the island gives this site an occasional moderate current, which first of all brings nutrients in that act as a catalyst for healthy sea life, as well as pulls sediment and run off from shore and pushes it away from the site.

This video only shows the macro critters hanging out on the site, but I assure you there is more to be seen. The site is frequently visited by Stingrays, Turtles, and feeding Eagle Rays. Not to mention its amazing Soft and Hard Coral life, massive Sea Fans, and a good population of Anemones!

If you are wanting further thrills, be sure to get a guided night dive with us up at Macabuca, because its sure to not disappoint.

Shot with - Canon HFG10 in a Gates Housing
Lighting - x2 Sola 1200 & x2 Sola 2000
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Filmed & Edited by: Chase Darnell
© Chase Darnell -

Music By: Electro posé - Last Lynx - Curtains (Dinnerdate Remix)
Available for download @


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