New Media Education (Archaeology/Anthropology)

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On the Colorado Plateau of the southwestern United States, a drama of two merging/diverging/disparate civilizations is taking place – Theirs and Ours. Ours is walking off with theirs, and the result is a civilization being completely wiped off the face of the earth at an astonishing rate. A complete extinction is possible in our lifetime; one where very little trace of what was there before can be detected.

With a combination of video documentation, time-lapse photography, aerial cinematography, and interviews with people intimately associated with the prehistoric and historic cultures of the area, we're creating a serialized documentary experience that will enlighten modern day visitors and show that there still may be a chance to protect what little of this ancient culture is left. Interviewees’ include popular literary scholar Craig Childs, expert archaeologists Winston Hurst and Jonathan Till, rock art expert Joe Pachak, and others who have been familiar with the area for decades and have witnessed firsthand the slow erasure of these uniquely spiritual places.

This first installment also includes footage created by National Geographic aerial photographer Adriel Heisey and Adriel's creative partner and co-producer of this film, Kjell Boersma. Story Created and directed by Larry Ruiz. Additional time-lapse and footage by Larry Ruiz

Future installments will also include material produced by expert time-lapse cinematographer Bill Mitchell.

Please join us in creating a special documentary about how to save this precious land.

Thank you for your kind and generous donations!

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Community Foundation Serving SW Colorado (C.F.S.S.W.C)

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Cloudy Ridge Productions
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Music by:
Jaquie Gipson

Special thanks to Kristofer Pleszewicz & Ben Arndt for their literary contributions.


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