Elements of Perfection

I wanted to do some test on the 240fps mode on the new GoPro HD3 Black Edition. It shoots in WGA 848 x 480 and at 240fps. Not bad, but the quality really isn't there for any really high quality stuff. Maybe stick to the 720p at 120fps mode which would be a bit better. This is no Phantom HD camera, but then again trying to compare a $400 camera to a $120,000 camera is not at all right. But fun none the less. I ended up just filming my kids doing various things that 5 and 8 year olds do around the house. It made me want to be a kid again. Just having fun playing baseball, jumping on trampolines, jumping bikes, powerslides, playing with the dog, and laughing ALL THE TIME.

Shot in WGA 240fps
Exported out to ProRes LT with 5DtoRGB (free)
Conformed to 23.98fps with Cinema Tools
Edited in Final Cut Pro
Not too much quality loss with my method above. But like i said, WGA mode is pretty low quality, but fun to mess around with.

Band: Digitalism
Song: Miami Showdown

j vimeo.com/59824783

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